Benefits of Offering Logistic & Transport Services at Flesh Logistics LTD


We offer multi-faced surface, economical, safe, and reliable transport services with a range of options for ground shipment across Canada and the USA.

Full and LTL Loads

You don’t have to load an entire truck to transport your goods. We provide the possibility of transportation with a Full Load (FLC) and Less than a Full Load (LCL).

Refrigerated Loads

Our team knows that refrigerated loads need extra attention. So our specialized carriers always provide our clients with high-quality service from fresh flowers to frozen meat.

Toronto — Montreal

Our main route in Canada is Toronto-Montreal. We provide ground shipping in both directions.

Toronto — New York

If you need to deliver cargo to the U.S., we can help you with the transportation from Toronto to New York and back.

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Our customer service and flexible shipping solutions make any delivery efficient, fast, and accessible.

Director – Husik Hovsepyan

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